I’m Sara, I’m a 40ish wife & mum of 2 and I live just outside of York, North Yorkshire.

Styled by Sara is an accessible, inexpensive styling service for all women! I aim to inspire & educate women to feel and look their very best.

I trained with The Style Coaching Institute™ the world’s most innovative and influential image training company, and I am a fully accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches™.

  Clothes express our personalities but Style Coaching is much more than just an image makeover I will teach you how to improve your self-confidence as well as show you how to dress in a way that is authentically you! 

I appreciate what its like to lose your way with your style, and self confidence, it happens to many of us at some time in our lives. It could be that you’re a new mum, or returning to work after maternity leave? Have you changed career or struggling with the changes that come with getting older?  

Think personal styling is just for the ‘rich & famous'? Think again!  My services as a Style Coach are affordable, luxury and the perfect pampering experience. I work to your budget and lifestyle; together we will work to uncover the very best version of you.  I’m friendly, but firm, compassionate, sincere, and always professional. I aim to make our work together informative and fun.

Sustainable fashion is here to stay. Fast fashion is bad for the planet, our self esteem and our bank balances. Working with a Style Coach is an investment in yourself and will ultimately save you money. 

I aim to help you nail your unique style, by showing you the colours and shapes that suit you best, the items of clothing that suit your lifestyle. By educating you to make the right choices  you’ll no longer make those costly wardrobe mistakes. 

I will always choose style over fashion & work with what you're blessed with now (not when you've lost or gained a few pounds or saved a bit more money)

Get in touch and take the first step to transforming your body image and boosting your self confidence.

"You are the most valuable investment you will ever make"