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Why you should work with a Personal Stylist.

Why use a Personal Stylist?

Working with a personal stylist is an investment in you! How many of you spend money on your hair, nails, tanning, Botox, gym memberships etc etc but still don’t feel fabulous in the clothes you wear?

Are you stuck in a style rut? Unsure of your own style? Have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? An event where you want to look & feel your very best.

Working with a Personal Stylist can help with all of these concerns and many more.

Why Me?

I’m passionate about making women feel great about themselves. I understand what its like to lose your way with your style and self confidence, it happens to many of us at some point during our lives. Are you struggling with the changes that come with getting older? It could be that you’re a new mum, or returning to work after maternity leave? Have you changed career or maybe you’ve undergone a life-changing situation? I can help you regain your confidence.

Think personal styling is just for the ‘rich & famous? ’ Think again!  My services as a Personal Stylist can help you.

I work to your budget and lifestyle; I will teach you how to improve your self-confidence as well as discovering your authentic style.

Together we will work to rediscover the very best version of you. 

I’m friendly, but firm, empathetic, honest, and always professional. I aim to make our work together informative, fun & stress-free.

Working with a Personal Stylist is an investment in yourself and will ultimately save you money as I’ll show you how to dress to suit your body shape and which colours flatter you the most, you’ll stop making those costly wardrobe mistakes, and have a wardrobe full of clothes you love – getting dressed and feeling amazing each day will be easy.

Commonly asked questions.

Will I feel awkward? – No, I’m here to make you feel fabulous.

Will she make me throw clothes away that I like? – No. If you have items that have sentimental value but no longer serve you well, I recommend storing them in vac packs.

Will I be left with nothing to wear after a wardrobe edit? No (you’ll probably have more choice) Will I be pushed too far out of my comfort zone? – No, but I will encourage you to try new styles, colours etc. Will I be forced into buying things I don’t like? – Absolutely Not.  Will I be pressured? No, we work together. Do I need a large budget? – No not at all, I can work to your budget.

Will I need to shop in high-end stores – No, I love the high street, but if you’d like to shop higher end that’s fine too.

Do I need to loose weight? – No, you are gorgeous just as you are. Will I be made to wear things I don’t like? – No, I want you to love everything you buy.

We work TOGETHER, you will never be forced or pressured in to something you’re not 100% comfortable with, but that’s not to say I wont encourage you to try new styles and colours.

My Services include:

Wardrobe Edits, Style Makeovers, Personal Shopping, Shop Your Wardrobe Sessions & Online Style Analysis’

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and take the first step to transforming your body image and boosting your self-confidence!

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