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How to dress for your Body Shape

How to Dress for Your Body Shape

When you are standing in front of a mirror, just remember: Nobody has a perfect body.That's right, nobody! I have never met a woman who did not have something about their body that they didn't like.

The trick to looking good in your clothes is simple! Finding out what body shape you are and dressing to suit that shape.

With most of us a few wardrobe tweaks is all that’s needed.

Some people really know how to wear clothes. You know when you see someone and think "wow, she looks good." I guarantee they will know what their shape is, how to accentuate the positives and disguise the negatives. There are 7 different body shapes. I will guide you through how to identify yours and what you should look for, and more importantly avoid, when shopping to make the best of your shape.

So What Is My Body Shape?


A lollipop, is typically known as "top-heavy." This lady has large breasts, a big stomach, is short waisted, and has long, skinny legs.

Pear Shape

A pear shape has shoulders that are narrower than her hips, a small bust and a slim waist. She takes a smaller size on top and a larger soze on her bottom. The waistline of this body type is small andfeminine; it should be accentuated.

Diamond Shape

A diamond body shape has narrow shoulders, a small bust, broad hips, and larger thighs.

Straight Shape

A straight body shape is exactly as it sounds. The shoulders and hips are equal in size, she has an average-size bust, very little waist definition, a flat bottom, and slender legs.

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass body shape has shoulders about the same width as her hips. She wears almost the same size on her top as her bottom. She will have a clearly defined waist. Full hourglasses have a generous bust & hips. They have a clearly visible but shorter waist.

Round Shape

A lady with a round body shape often has rounded shoulders, an avergage to generous bust. She tends to carry weight around her tummy & upper body. She will have balanced hips and shoulders and very little waist definition. She will often have great shapely legs.

Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle shape has shoulders wider than her hips. She takes a larger size on top & a smaller size on her bottom.

How to dress for your Body Shape.



• Tops with ruffles

• Spaghetti straps

• High necklines

• Anything high-waisted

• Boxy blazers

Look For:

• Wide v-necks

• Gathers under the breast to direct eyes to waist

• Skirts fitted at top with flaring hemlines

• Bell-bottom or flared pants

• A medium- to high-heel shoe

• Single-breasted, fitted blazer

Pear Shape


• Tapered pants or super-slim jeans

• High-waisted trousers

• Clingy or pencil skirts

• Side pockets on pants

• Pleated anything

• Bulky fabrics

• Shoes with ankle straps

Look For:

• Trousers that are flowing but not clingy preferably with a side fastening.

• Dark colours on the bottom half

• Jeans with a medium rise

• Pencil or A-line skirts

• Tops that will draw the eye upwards

• Bright Coloured or patterned tops

• Scoop neck tops

• Bell, puff or full sleeves to balance the figure

• Shift or empire line dresses

• Blouses and tops that are fitted at the waist create an hourglass figure

Diamond Shape


• Trousers that are bottom-heavy or have cuffs or designs at the bottom

• Clingy skirts or trousers

• Straight, buttoned dresses that hug the hips

• Empire waist dresses or tops

• Pleats

Look For:

• Trousers that are tapered towards the hemline

• Jackets that flow loosely around the hips

• Tops that are fitted but also flare out over hips

• Tops with pockets

• Boat-neck collars

• Puffed sleeves

Straight Shape


• Tapered or straight cut styles

• Boxy lines such as double breasted coats & jackets

• Anything buttoned from top to bottom

• Going without a bra

Look For:

• A-line, box pleated or bias cut skirts

• Trousers with belt loops, belts are great for accentuating the waist

• Relaxed style jeans

• Belted or wrap dresses

• Peplum jackets

• V-necks, wrap tops, cap sleeves, tops with ruffles

• Single breasted jackets

• Patterns

Hourglass Shape


• Clothes with no shape that hide the fabulous hourglass figure.

• Clothing that is too fitted or tight

Look For:

• Wrap tops, belts, tailored shirts

• Bias cut, A-line or pleated skirts

• Clothing that is semi-fitted

Round Shape


• Layering

• Cropped trousers

• High neck tops

• Wide belts

• Bulky or gathered skirts

• Bolero Jackets, cardigans or shrugs

• Wide lapels and collars

Look For:

• V-necks

• Narrow lapels and collars

• Straight long tunics

• Tops & jackets with structured shoulders

• Gently flared A-line skirts

• Jackets with a single button

• Tailored, wide-cut pants

• Empire waist styles

Inverted Triangle


• Slash necklines

• Horizontal details on top

• High-waisted anything

• Spaghetti straps

• Halter tops

Look For:

• Hip-hugging jeans

• Tailored jackets

• Flared skirts

• Deep slim v neck tops

• Wider-leg pants

• Fine fabrics that don’t add bulk on the top half

• Wrap dresses

• Three-quarter length coats

I hope you find this useful, if you need any help identifying your shape, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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